What is Soldering in Welding?

Soldering is a joining process using a filler metal with a liquidus less than 840 øF and below the solidus of the base metal. The filler metal is added in between two pieces of metal to create a permanent joint. Soldering is typically used for electrical connections and plumbing. The main difference between soldering and welding is that soldering does not involve melting the base metal, only the filler metal. This makes soldering a much safer and easier process overall.

There are two main types of soldering: soft soldering and hard soldering.

  1. Soft soldering uses a lead-based filler metal, which has a lower melting point than other metals.
  2. Hard soldering uses a filler metal with a higher melting point, such as silver or copper. Hard soldering is typically used for more heavy-duty applications, while soft soldering is more common for general use.

To begin soldering, the two pieces of metal to be joined must be cleaned and prepped. This ensures that there is no dirt or debris that could prevent the solder from bonding properly. Next, the filler metal is placed on one of the pieces of metal. The two pieces are then heated until the filler metal melts and flows into the joint. Once the filler metal has cooled and hardened, the joint will be strong and permanent.

What is soldering and brazing?

Brazing is a joining process that uses a filler metal with a melting point above 840 øF, but below the melting point of the base metal. The filler metal is added in between two pieces of metal to create a permanent joint.

Good to know:

Arc welding

It is also known as Stick welding, is a process that uses an electric current to create an arc between the metals being joined. This arc melts the metals, which allows them to bond together. MIG welding, or Metal Inert Gas welding, is a type of arc welding that uses inert gas to shield the weld from contamination.

Arc welding machine

It is also known as a welder, a machine that supplies the electricity used to create the arc. The two most common types of arc welders are MIG welders and Stick welders.

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