What is an Inclined Position in Welding?

In pipe welding, the pipe axis angles 45 degrees to the horizontal position and remains stationary. This is called the inclined position. In order to weld in this position, the welder needs to be able to manipulate their torch at a variety of angles.

The most difficult part of welding in this position is that the puddle will want to run downhill. The welder needs to have strong bead control in order to keep the puddle from running off the edge of the pipe.

How is an inclined position used in welding?

Inclined position welding is often used for welding large diameter pipes. It is also commonly used for welding in difficult-to-reach places, such as inside boilers or pressure vessels. Pipe welders need to be able to weld in a variety of positions, including the inclined position. This position can be difficult to master, but with practice, it can be done.

What are the 5 welding positions?

There are 5 welding positions:

  1. flat,
  2. horizontal,
  3. vertical,
  4. overhead,
  5. and inclined.

What is PC welding position?

The PC, or pipe coupling, welding position is used to weld the seam of two pipes that are joined together at a 45-degree angle. This position can be difficult because the welder must manipulate the torch at a variety of angles.

Good to know:

Weld bead

It is the portion of the weld deposited by a given pass or welding operation.

Weld’s leg

It is the portion of the weld between the root and cap.

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