What is Globular in Welding?

Globular welding is a type of welding where the arc is less focused and the weld pool is less stable. This results in globules, or drops, of molten metal that fall into the puddle. This can cause problems with the weld quality and may require more cleanup.

What is globular used for?

Globular welding is typically used for thicker materials that require more heat to weld. It is also sometimes used for cosmetic purposes, as the globules can create an interesting texture on the surface of the weld.

What is the main advantage of using globular MIG welding?

The main advantage of using globular MIG welding is that it can be used for thicker materials. It is also less likely to cause weld defects, such as porosity. The main disadvantages of using globular MIG welding are that it can be more difficult to control and that it can create more weld spatter.

Globular transfer voltage

is the welding voltage used in GMAW globular transfer welding? This voltage is typically higher than the voltage used in other types of welding, such as MIG welding.

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