What is Braze in Welding?

Brazing is a welding process that produces a weld by heating an assembly to the brazing temperature using a filler metal having a liquidus above 450 deg C (840 deg F) and below the solidus of the base metal. The filler metal is distributed between the closely fitted faying surfaces of the joint by capillary action.

The main difference between braze welding and other welding processes is that braze welding does not rely on fusion to create a weld. Instead, braze welding creates a metallurgical bond between the two pieces being joined. This type of bond is created by diffusing atoms from one piece into the other piece. As the atoms diffuse, they create a chemical bond that joins the two pieces together.

What is braze used for?

Braze welding is commonly used in the automotive industry, as it is a very versatile welding process that can be used to join a wide variety of metals. Braze welding can be used to join dissimilar metals, such as aluminum to steel, and can be used to weld thin pieces of metal that would be difficult to weld using other processes.

How is braze welding done?

Braze welding is typically done using a torch, although it can also be done using an electron beam or resistance welding. When using a torch, the welder will apply heat to the two pieces being joined until the filler metal melts. The welder will then feed the filler metal into the joint, and allow it to cool.

What is the difference between brazing and braze welding?

The main difference between brazing and braze welding is that brazing is done at a lower temperature than braze welding. Brazing typically uses a filler metal with a melting point below 450 deg C (840 deg F), while braze welding uses a filler metal with a melting point above 450 deg C (840 deg F). Braze welding also relies on diffusing atoms to create a metallurgical bond, while brazing simply joins the two pieces together with a mechanical bond.

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